Our realization include as well custom kitchens of different style, all 100% Made in Tuscany. A kitchen designed just for you is the best way to feel a warm, nice atmosphere in our home to fully enjoy with your family. We realize kitchen with island or peninsula. Other than the attention to aesthetic details, our custom kitchens are highly functional.

We’ll design them not only to have enough work space to cut, wash and cook, but also the needed room to store up food but also tableware, silverware, accessories and waster containers. All materials can be realized in different colours and styles. Nice to see, pleasant to use and most of all easy to clean. We always include drawers and cabinets with soft closing hinges and slides.

Finally, corners can be equipped with rotating stealth shelves to fully exploit that remote space otherwise difficult to reach. As said, styles and colours will match your tastes! In particular, we realize rustic kitchens in Tuscan style, country kitchens, modern kitchens. All the customizations needed are possible thanks to our artisanal production, 100% made in Tuscany!

Custom kitchens, nice of course, but most of all functional and unique!

Ask here: [email protected] or Call us (Italian speakers): Giacomo +39 347 3665357 – Fausto +39 347 7882869