If you’re looking for a custom wardrobe in Tuscany, we can help you. For your bedrooms, an Italian wardrobe will make the difference. We realize wardrobes in different styles, colors and dimensions. Doors can be also sliding or foldable, that with a fluid opening, thanks to high quality accessories (i.e. slides)

A custom wardrobe in Tuscany needs to take advantage of all the space you have instead of having it unused and messy. 

Another strong point of a custom wardrobe in Tuscany is the use of racks to lift or lower the position of shelves. Useful for example with longer dresses and coats or smaller accessories. All spaces can be equipped with drawers and cloth racks at different heights

See some examples below. For wardrobes, built in wardrobes and drawers 100% artisanal and made in Tuscany, contact us for more information.

Ask us for a unique custom wardrobe in Tuscany!